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Brilliant Digital

Brilliant Digital

To create a memorable and targeted campaign you need to get technical. Ensuring your message is truly targeted you need intuitive personalisation.


Talk directly to your customer by engaging with them personally.  Every item could be unique using as many combinations as you desire to create text, paragraphs and images that pull in on the fly, based on fields in your data.


Our multichannel solution ties your mailing, print, email campaigns and other marketing activity together to intelligently engage with your customers and feed back to you their response activity in order to maximise the value of your campaign.

Email Campaigns

From simple e-shots to advanced personalised communications, we can handle your e-shots with competitive rates. 

Our approach differs from other providers in that we can tie your mailing and email campaigns together.  Imagine mailing a statement to your customer, but also sending an email with links to a customised landing page, or even attaching a PDF of their statement, all driven from the same data and artwork source files.


We can embed PURLs in your email campaigns or printed QR Codes in order to track customer response and help target them in the areas they have shown interest.

We can create custom landing pages to compliment the PURL and help engage with your customer.


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Brilliant Digital


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