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Clever Data

Your data needs to be detailed, organised and correct. We can help you match your marketing mail-outs to your target audience, improving conversion rates and ROI.

Data Analysis

By analysing your data, we can report on what aspects of your campaigns are successful and suggest new ideas based on what works for your customer base.

Database Management

We can manage your database, build up your client base and perform selections based on criteria specified by you.  Our bespoke service is tailored to your exact requirements, with no end to the number of reports and selection criteria we can apply to the data we hold for you.

Let us steadily build up your client base, or add in bulk lists either purchased by us or provided by you.  With our data division handling your database management, you’re in safe hands, knowing our programmers each have over 10 years’ experience in this field.

Data Capture

Our data capture department can create a database of returned mail, hard copy printouts or old non-digital outputs.

We can capture entire addresses, customer reference numbers or whole letters.  Our smart barcode technology allows us to include a small barcode on your mail piece to enable fast data capture and a significant saving versus the traditional method of response data entry. We can scan responses to streamline the process further, and return an image or PDF file of the scanned item for use in your systems.

Data Cleansing

By checking your data against the latest deceased, gone away and house mover files, we ensure your mail will arrive with the intended recipient.  If the customer is deceased or gone away, we can remove them, saving you from incurring the cost of print, postage and fulfilment for that record if done prior to ordering all items for your campaign.

We can also check against MPS, TPS and other data lists, including any stop lists you choose to provide.


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