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Christmas in August?

Christmas in August

Why are you talking about Christmas in August, you might ask? Well, the days might be getting shorter but we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer just yet! Having said that, we know that when September rolls around it’s about the right time to start planning your Christmas campaigns, mailings and 2020 calendars.…

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Industry Update On JIC Mail Findings

For years, mail has been the only mass media channel without an independent and industry standard audience measurement body which made it very difficult to measure ROI on mail campaigns, and almost impossible for mail to compete for marketing budget when measured against television, radio and newspapers. Until now that is. Earlier this year, JICMail…

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London Charity Softball League Sponsorship

RNB Group recently completed a 5th consecutive year of sponsorship of the London Charity Softball League on 16 August 2018.  The league has been going for 16 years and now brings together over 120 different charities.  This year there were 16 groups of 5 teams who battled it out all summer to win a place…

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Customer Service Team IDM training

Earlier this month, the entire customer service team spent a day on site but away from their desks participating in a day long Customer Retention course provided by the Institute of Direct Marketing (the IDM). At RNB Group we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we never underestimate the importance of this.  We…

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