No one can claim to be unaware of the changes to data protection law that came into effect on the 25 May 2018 as everyone’s inbox was filled daily by companies asking permission to keep in touch. Since so many rules have changed and there are restrictions on what marketing you can send and to whom, mail is now the easiest method of getting in touch with people, both current customer’s and new prospects.

Taken directly from the ICO website….


If you believe that the data you hold will be legitimately interested in hearing about what you have to offer then there is no problem at all in you reaching them by mail, and who wouldn’t want to hear about your great service, right?

Remember, that when people read mail:


rate it believable


feel valued and appreciated


act on direct mail immediately


feel a greater connection with your business

source: Royal Mail

These stats, coupled with the fact that mail is still acceptable post GDPR surely makes using mail for your direct marketing the safest and easiest option.

Of course, there are still things to be considered. It’s important to prove that you do have a legitimate interest in getting in touch with the people on your database. And it’s imperative that you tell people that they can opt out of hearing from you at any time. But these are very small hoops to jump through compared to the rules and regulations of email marketing.

It also goes without saying that as an ISO 27001 accredited company we take all things data protection very seriously. We undergo a full external data protection audit on a yearly basis to ensure that all our procedures for data security are watertight and we are confident that we operate in a way that puts data security as a number one priority for our customers. For further information you can read our data protection policy here and our privacy policy is here.


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92% of people read door drops delivered to their home* and 20% of door drops are shared with other members of the household* or referred back to when making a purchase.

Door drops do not use personal data so GDPR rules do not apply.

*Royal Mail MarketReach


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