How to write a great brief for your direct mail campaign

It’s so important to nail the brief for your direct mail campaign. It’ll keep your entire team or external agency focused and aiming towards the same goal as outlined in your brief. Without one the campaign will more than likely nosedive.

The following points will give you steer on what you should include in your brief but be sure to tailor these to reflect the needs of your business.

Background information

  • Include all relevant information here to build a better picture
  • Provide information about your business, service or product
  • Document the current state of play

Ask yourself…

  • How would your client or customer describe your business?
  • What are the results from previous campaigns?
  • What do you need to know to influence this current campaign?


  • You need to clearly define the goals for your campaign here
  • This section will impact on all decisions made throughout the campaign
  • Having a clear objective will provide focus for the rest of the project

Ask yourself…

  • Do you want to sell more products, increase brand awareness, or attract new leads?
  • What’s the call to action?
  • How will you measure success?

Target Audience

  • Painting a picture of your audience here will make execution so much easier
  • Knowing your audience will shape the style and messaging for your campaign

Ask yourself…

  • Who is the buyer or intended audience?
  • How old are they? Male, female?
  • What level of education, what’s their income? Etc.


  • Identify the key message you want to put across from the campaign

Ask yourself…

  • What are the key points that need to be said?
  • What message needs to be conveyed to the target audience?
  • What’s the best way to deliver it?

Look & feel

  • Within your brand guidelines address how you want the campaign to look
  • If you’re sending your brief out externally be sure to attach your brand guidelines

Ask yourself…

  • What is the tone or image that suits the campaign message?
  • Are there certain colours or fonts that help communicate this?
  • Are there any buzz words to spark ideas such as sophisticated, fun, or bold?


  • Having a timeline is critical for planning any project
  • Find out if there’s an advertising or publishing schedule you need to track against and solidify your deadlines are for each deliverable.

The competition

  • Understanding the competition can provide a clearer picture of where you stand in the market. This will help shape your campaign.

Ask yourself

  • Who is the competition and what do they offer?
  • What makes your offering unique?


The budget will determine the scale of the campaign, how much time you’ll have to work with and what materials you can afford. Have a detailed understanding of what costs are included in the budget.

Now you know how to brief in your campaign, here are some examples of direct mail done right to get your creative juices flowing.

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