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Keeping your business working in these unprecedented times can be challenging. RNB Group have a number of services that can help you keep going whilst coping with reduced staff levels due to furlough, home working or a downturn in work leading to redundancies.

If your workload has increased, outsourcing to us will help you cope without letting anyone down.

Scroll down to read about our various services that can help during these times or click on one of the quick links below to go straight to a specific service.

Your virtual postroom

Our Intelliprint online mailing system can replace your mailroom, printers and franking machine and send your letters out same day, all from the comfort of your home office.

No hunting for an envelope, stamp, fixing a paper jam and finding a postbox if you’re working from home and no worries about staffing your mailroom and getting supplies if you are still able to post from the office.

The cost starts at 43p for the envelope, paper and postage of a single page letter – that’s typically what it costs just for the Royal Mail franking at the cheapest rate so the savings can add up as well as the service being much slicker.

Simply upload your letters to us or print them to us using our easy to install print driver.

There are no minimum spend requirements, no setup fees and no fixed term contract to sign.

Visit www.intelliprint.net for more info, or get in touch with us on 0113 2100 055 to arrange an online demonstration or set up a test account.

Mail outsourcing (Outbound Mail)

If you have client packs to send out as part of your daily operations, we can set up daily file transfer to our mailing system via SFTP, API or any other transfer method of your choice.

We can handle PDFs as one offs or in bulk, hold a template and receive a daily data file or API directly into your CRM to retrieve your documents.

Outsourcing your mail packs saves time and money, allowing you to quickly be able to scale up or down in your daily volumes with no impact on your business from having to hire/let staff go.

Many mailrooms buy materials poorly, are expensive to run and inefficient. Imagine not having to pay for staff wages, holiday cover, printer leases, franking machine leases, ribbons and postage top-ups.

Let us review how you’re currently getting your mail in the post and make suggestions on how you can save money and better manage your mail production.

Talk to us today on 0113 2100 055 to see how much you could save.

Scanning (Inbound Mail)

We can scan your returns such as completed Letters of Authority, signed Terms & Conditions and any other client correspondence.

If we’re managing your outbound mail, our barcoding system allows us to easily scan and identify the client and upload back to you via SFTP, API or any other transfer method you may wish to use.

Our scanning team handles responses for leading financial businesses, charities, legal teams and more. Having your mail scanned and uploaded by RNB Group frees up your staff members from opening and actioning post themselves and makes the whole process more efficient.

Call us on 0113 2100 055 to discuss your requirements.

eSigned documents

Intellipen is a custom eSign solution that applies your client’s signature to one or multiple documents in a way that is easy for the user to navigate and encourages more signups. Customers have told us their response rate has been up since switching to Intellipen as their eSign solution.

Submit your paperwork for signing either by sending in bulk or one at a time in real-time. Our smooth signature process encourages a response rate and looks just like a handwritten signature.

Upload data directly to us using the Intellipen dashboard, use an online form that we create specific to your needs or have us API into your CRM of choice, it’s all possible with Intellipen – our developers will tailor the system to suit how you want to work.

Once you’re ready to send your documents to your client, they will receive an SMS or email for them to follow a link to review and sign their documents. Once the client signs, they will receive a copy of their signed documents via email and you will be sent the documents and legal proof hash file via SFTP, API to your CRM or other transfer method.

Intellipen can also be configured to run on a company tablet, mobile device or laptop so you can ask your customers to sign face to face and have your CRM updated immediately.

SMS and emails are all fully customisable to suit your branding needs.

Talk to us today on 0113 2100 055 to arrange an online demonstration and discuss your needs.

Direct Mail

We can send your mailing campaigns out with quick turnaround times due to having everything on-site to get your mail out to your customers/prospects/donors as soon as possible.

Data processing, inkjetting, laser printing, litho printing, folding, guillotining, enclosing, warehousing – it’s all here.

We handle mailing campaigns for all sectors including charities, local authorities, housing, travel, financial, legal, retail and more.

We have close ties with Royal Mail, DSA providers and other carriers to make sure your items can be delivered via the method of your choosing.


RNB Group can supply printed envelopes, advise on print materials, supply data for your campaigns and offer advice on pack content and artwork.

No matter if you’re mailing 1 or 1,000,000+ items, talk to us today on 0113 2100 055 to see how we can help.

Door Drops

A Royal Mail Door Drop is a cost-effective way of getting your message to your customers. We can liaise with Royal Mail on your behalf to arrange a booking in schedule and box and label your campaigns ready for them to deliver via their postal workers.

Door Drops are cheaper than addressed mail and a good way of targeting certain postcode regions with a generic campaign.

Call us on 0113 2100 055 to arrange your Door Drop campaign.

Partially Addressed Mail

With Partially Addressed Mail, you can reach new customers without having to buy marketing lists and without risk of flaunting GDPR guidelines.

We use a precise acquisition tool which analyses your current data and uses it to find the best possible additional prospects for your mail campaigns. Our software uses geo-demographics for accurate targeting so you can be sure that you are reaching people who will be interested in what you have to say.

As you do not address the consumer by name there is no risk to their data security, but you are able to add an extra level of engagement by addressing them with relevant titles such as ‘Kind Donator’ or ‘Luxury Traveller’.


Partially Addressed Mail is a powerful and cost-effective way to target new prospects; there are no cold data lists to purchase and the postage comes at some of the lowest unit costs per item available.

Call us on 0113 2100 055 to find out more.

Litho & Digital Print

Our in-house printing team produce anything from letterheads and leaflets to brochures and one-piece mailers.

By running 24 hours we can turn around your print overnight for use on mailing campaigns the following day for a speedy way of getting your campaigns moving.

We can hold stock in our warehouse for your campaigns with RNB Group or deliver to any UK address.

Database Management

By holding your data we can manage your campaigns, staying on top of who should be communicated with when and keeping your data cleansed, removing deceased and goneaway records and updating client data when they make changes to their name, address and other information.

We manage the databases of huge well known brands and trigger mailing, email, SMS and other communications based on their criteria.

If this would benefit your business, call us today on 0113 2100 055 to discuss.