Mail marketing rocks. OK, we admit, we do say that all the time but it really is a great way of reaching customers, clients and prospects alike.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. We think these 6 key takeaways from Royal Mail’s Neuro-Insight 2018 research, sums up nicely why you should never underestimate the power of mail marketing, and its ability to cut through the noise in a digital era.

Mail marketing rocks - reason 1

1. Mail is remembered

Mail has a more powerful impact on long-term memory encoding – 35% stronger than social media and 49% stronger than email. (Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2018)

Mail marketing rocks- reason 2

2. Mail boosts other channels

Consumers who saw mail first had 30% more dwell time on social media ads.
Memory encoding to social media advertising was 44% higher when people had seen mail first. (Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2018)

Mail marketing rocks - reason 3

3. Mail engages

94% of mail is engaged with in some way (Source: JICMAIL).

Mail marketing rocks - reason 4

4. Mail drives commercial actions

Long-term memory encoding is strongly linked to decision-making and purchase intent.
31% of addressed advertising mail results in a commercial action (Source: JICMAIL) .

Mail marketing rocks - reason 5

5. Mail grabs attention

Mail’s physical attributes are clearly disruptive as part of a customer contact strategy. (Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2018)

Mail marketing rocks - reason 6

6. Mail works for all ages

50% of under 35s say they would like to receive more inspiring and exciting mail (Royal Mail MarketReach, Quadrangle 2016)

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