Direct Mail Marketing Best Practices 2020

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Planning on sending a direct mail campaign to your customers or prospects in 2020?

Hold up! Before you do anything, take a look at our direct mail marketing best practices. Put this advice into practice to help you make the most of your next campaign.

What works on you?

If you work in direct mail marketing, get yourself added to as many mailing lists as you can. One of the biggest indicators of how a campaign performs is how you, as a direct mail marketer, reacts to the post that comes through your own door.

Get into the habit of going through those items that land on your doormat and set aside anything that catches your eye, makes you stop and peeks your interest. Save these examples to create an inspiration board in the office and share with colleagues.

Colour, copy n’ content

The final design of your direct mail campaign is very important. The positioning of text, the right amount of text, the colour palette used, the layout. Everything contributes to the overall effectiveness of your DM campaign.

Although mail marketing allows you to share more information than most other channels, don’t go too heavy on big chunks of text. Colour should never be overlooked as we explain in our direct mail top tips article.

Focus on the key selling points you want your readers to remember. You might not nail it the first time round but be sure to continually trial different things. See if you can identify the winning combination.

Mix it up

Be fully aware of timings and other activity surrounding your next direct mail marketing campaign. It’s important to follow up on a mailer soon after it’s anticipated land date. Do it while the mailer is still front of mind.

Don’t forget to embrace the full marketing mix too. Are there any other channels you could be utilising to make the most out of your direct mail campaign? Here are just a few examples of integrated marketing activities you might want to explore.

  • Use a mailer to drive traffic to a custom web page. It’s a great way to measure the impact of a mailer by adding a trackable URL.
  • Use social media to ‘boost’ related content to an audience with interests matching those of your mailings audience e.g. location, interests, demographics.
  • If you have marketing consent from your audience, send out an email to follow up on the direct mail piece. It can act as a promote to ‘get in touch’.

Perfectly personal

Remember, one size doesn’t fit all. The same rule applies to your marketing efforts. The more you can identify with your target audience, the better. Create some customer profiles to truly understand customer wants and needs.

When you have this insight, be sure to use it. Your direct mail campaign should offer real personalisation. Start with the recipient’s name. It will instantly peek their interest and encourage an open if it’s within an envelope.

But a name is just the beginning. Here are just a few suggestions to make the most of personalisation in your next direct mail campaign.

  • If you’re speaking to an existing customer and know the exact product or service they’ve previously bought from you, make suggestions that relate nicely to their known purchase history.
  • If you have physical shops, tell your customer or prospect where their nearest store is and provide opening hours too. You could go one step further and give them directions.
  • If your mailing is B2B, provide content specifically relating to a customer’s sector. Add value by giving industry insight or a tailored offer, exclusive to them.

More is more

Unlike a Tweet or Facebook post, a direct mail campaign presents a real opportunity to share a good portion of information with your customers. Flyers, brochures, even postcards are all direct mail formats that land in the home and are kept in the home for weeks potentially.

27% of mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks!*A customer will handle your direct mail marketing, so make sure the content is worth their time….


  • Testimonials
  • Exclusive offers
  • Benefits your brand can provides its customers
  • Quality, value, convenience etc.

*Source: JICMAIL, Kantar, TNS 2017.


A strong call to action is essential in any direct mail marketing campaign. The ultimate goal is to convince a customer or prospect that they should do business with you or continue to do business with you.

Your CTA should be the driving force behind your entire marketing message. It should be compelling enough that the reader wants to take you up on it. Don’t be afraid to repeat your call to action throughout. It’ll make your campaign more memorable and the ‘do it now’ message stick.

Delight in data (or let us for you!)

A vital step in any direct mail campaign, is ensuring your database is fully up-to-date and accurate. Don’t waste time and money by mailing an outdated, potentially uninterested list.

Did you know, we offer free data health checks? Here’s what you need to know.

Enviable envelopes

Time and time again, we see direct mail campaign posted in plain white envelopes. It’s not a problem but you can make your campaign a whole lot more enticing by printing a message on the envelope or simply by using a coloured envelope. Give your recipients a reason to want to open your mail.

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