Our data team consists of some of the finest minds in the industry. Years of experience and technical knowledge allows us to
offer help and advice as well as following your instructions.


Formatting and casing

We can transform your data fields, performing calculations and applying formatting such as number, currency, date/time, concatenation and string manipulation. Correctly casing your data gives it a professional look and corrects any potential errors in the formatting of surnames. We’ll get your data looking it’s best, ready for the personalisation and printing process.

Free data health check – deceased, goneaways and house movers

Ask us to process your data against the industry standard suppression files and we’ll report back on the results free of charge. If you decide to go ahead with the updates/suppressions, you’ll know the cost ahead of time and will make savings versus printing and posting to records that are no longer relevant.


If you place a direct mail order with us, we’ll carry out a FREE data health check to make sure everything’s tickety-boo. If it isn’t, we’ll prescribe the best course of action to have your data fighting fit and GDPR compliant in no time.


We still get a lot of questions about GDPR so we thought we’d give our social followers the opportunity to ask us their GDPR questions as part of our latest competition. We received some fantastic questions on the subject.


In this FAQ style article, we’re going to answer questions on all things data cleansing and why it’s so important to do it. If we can give you just one piece of advice? keep your data squeaky clean! Find out how.